Department of Youth & Family Services

Director: Marion Breland

50 West Broad Street, Haverstraw, NY 10927
Ph: 845-429-5731
Fax: 845-429-5796
12 - 8pm M-Th
10am - 1pm Sat
All other hours by appointment

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The Haverstraw Center Mission Statement
The Haverstraw Center serves all residents of the Village of Haverstraw by providing and hosting high-quality, comprehensive services for youth, families, adults and elders, promoting the health, safety, and well-being of community residents of all ages, and raising the quality of life for all people of our diverse community in a spirit of non-partisanship and cooperation.

About The Haverstraw Center
The Village of Haverstraw Department of Youth and Family Services was established in the fall of 2006, combining the Departments of Recreation and Municipal Counseling Services (Reachout). The Village’s Recreation Department has operated a summer camp since the 1950’s, and opened a community center for sports-related activities in the early 1990’s. Reachout has been serving the Village of Haverstraw and the North Rockland area for 40 years, providing counseling, community information and education, and positive alternative activities for youth and families, especially those at risk. This building was renovated in 2006-7 and expanded to include both departments and to change the concept of service delivery to youth and families to be more collaborative and inclusive.

The Haverstraw Center was officially opened in the winter of 2006-7, with a common vision, common leadership, and with a new identity, where any member of the community who is in need can find a “home away from home” at the Center. A variety of programs are offered, both by the Department itself, and by other community agencies and individuals wishing to serve the Village. If services are not available onsite, referrals are made to appropriate resources within and outside of the community.

The Center’s physical setting is literally in the “center” of the community, within easy walking distance for those living in the downtown, and readily accessible by public transportation for those who do not. The physical plant houses a full gymnasium, two kitchens, a computer lab with 12 computers, an art room, game room, large multi-purpose rooms as well as a suite of counseling offices suitable for individual, group and family sessions, and a conference room.

Through combining youth and family services in a way that maximizes the resources already in place, Haverstraw Center delivers a centralized one stop resource center, where residents and visitors may access information and participate in ongoing programs and events in the Village.

The Haverstraw Center Schedule & Rules


Special Events

  • Halloween Event
  • Christmas Event
  • Unity In the Community

Haverstraw Collaborative
The Village of Haverstraw, through Reachout (the counseling arm of the Department of Youth and Family Services), co-founded the Haverstraw Collaborative in 2001 with the Rockland County Office of Community Resources. The Collaborative is open to all community organizations that provide services to the residents of Haverstraw. The Collabrative meets the first Wednesday of every month from 12:00pm - 2:00pm at the Haverstraw Center.

The Collaborative's mission is to "unite our efforts and resources for the health, safety, and well being of the children, youth elders, adults and families of Haverstraw, and to raise the quality of life ofr all people in our diverse community.

The Collaborative now has more than 50 member agencies working together to promote community health and wellness. The member agencies are increasingly involved in both short-term (Unity In the Community) and ongoing (Drug Free Community Support program, Gang Prevention Through Targeted Outreach, Village Summer Camp program) projects aimed at reducing risk factors and increasing protective factors among Village youth and families.

Youth & Family Advisory Board
The Youth and Family Advisory Board serves as the primary advisory body to the Village of Haverstraw Board and to the Director and staff on matters of programming, policy, staffing, and program development concerning youth and family services in the Village. As such, it is their duty to be aware of any and all matters pertaining to the activities at the Haverstraw Center.