Mayor's Message


With the coming of 2015, the Village of Haverstraw is looking forward to a bright future.  The Harbors at Haverstraw continues to grow, as we continue to welcome our new residents.  Redevelopment along Maple Avenue and on the former Empire State Chair Factory property should reach planning stages in this calendar year.  We also look forward to the new Terrace on the Hudson (which is taking shape on 9W) and the rebirth of the restaurant in Emeline Park, now known as 16 Front Street, this Spring.

Our culinary options continue to expand and change.  In 2014 we saw the addition of Los Caribbeans and El Pastor.  In 2015 we eagerly await the new Bricktown Tavern and Grill, (a new steakhouse creation from David and Paulo of Union), as well as the aforementioned 16 Front St., (with its casual waterfront dining), and the Terrace on the Hudson, which will be both a restaurant and catering hall – (from the folks who own City Line in New City).

And with 2015 we should finally see the start of our Streetscapes project to beautify the downtown.   Ten years in the making, we expect to kick off the new project, which will bring us a redesigned Main Street, New Main Street, and Broadway (including new streets and sidewalks, trees and benches, trash receptacles and period decorative lighting). Although this project will be warmly received, it will bring some hardship and disruption during the construction process.  We ask for everyone’s patience, and we will work to ensure the least pain possible.

 We have been working hard to improve the streets and sidewalks over the past 7 years and have accomplished much.  Just about all of the downtown streets except of course Main/New Main and Broadway have been paved.  Also Clove Ave., Tor Ave., Sharp St., West St., Hoover Ave., Harding Ave., Lakeview Ct., Leonard St. and Riverside Ave. (through Dutchtown).  Our sidewalks have, likewise, been getting addressed.  The worst lengths are being rebuilt a little each year.  We have more to do, and will continue the work in 2015.

The Haverstraw Center, (the Village’s community center), continues to be a safe haven for our children.  Each day 100+ kids come after school for homework help, activities, computer lab, etc.  The Center also has alcohol and substance abuse prevention counselors and activities.  We are also home to numerous groups that use our facilities, including PAL, Quisqueya Sports Club, the Literacy Zone, adult basketball leagues and other such groups.  We also have the Cpl. Manny Lopez Softball Field, which hosts numerous softball groups. 

The Village of Haverstraw hosts various activities throughout the year, including: Dancing Under the Stars, the Haverstraw River Arts Festival, the Latin Festival and Parade, Holidays in Haverstraw, and much more.  We also run a Farmers Market on Sunday mornings June through October.  We are always interested in doing or promoting additional activities and welcome everyone’s input.

The Village Hall is open Monday – Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  and Village Board meetings are usually the first and third Monday’s of each month at 7:00 p.m.  (check schedule however).  I am here most days and welcome visitors.  Should you have any questions do not hesitate to stop by, call (845) 429-0300 or email me at